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russian movies

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Russian tv online: Television is one of the leading mass media in Russia, with 74% of the population watching national TV channels and 59% watching regional channels. There are a total of 3,300 TV channels available, including 3 nationally distributed, with a coverage of more than 90% of Russian territory In the 1970s and 1980s, television became the preeminent mass media. In 1988, about 75 million homes had televisions and about 93% of the population watched television. Moscow, the base from which most of the television stations broadcast, transmitted about 90% of the country’s programs, with more than 350 stations and nearly 1,400 relay facilities. In this site you can watch free Russian TV online with a computer, a phone or tablet or with any compatible medium of you connect with the internet networks and enjoy you favorite channels. All live Russian TV is available to view without registration, and get along well with various broadcasts and reports: cinema, series, match tv russia streaming live sport, ENTERTAINMENT, NEWS, EDUCATION, MUSIC, DOCUMENTARY, RELIGIOUS, TOURISM, TRAVEL, and others 34422


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